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The practice of kitting is crucial to the success and efficiency of your supply chain. It’s a process that assembles individual components together into one unified unit, commonly used in industries like electronics, retail, and medical equipment production. Companies can choose to conduct their own kitting services in-house or contract out third-party logistics providers (3PLs) for assistance – but what are the implications when outsourcing? In this article, we’ll explore how entrusting 3PLs with this part of your business could transform every aspect of your company’s supply chain.

Streamlining the Process
Outsource kitting to unlock more time and energy for your business! Utilize the expertise of 3PL providers to manage every step in the kit process – from product selection, assembly, and storage right up until shipping. Free yourself up so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Improved Accuracy
Kitting can be challenging, but that’s where 3PL providers come in! By outsourcing, you get access to the experts and their specialized kit-building equipment, so your kits turn out perfect every time. In addition, partnering with an experienced team protects against costly mistakes caused by human error or outdated technology.

Increased Flexibility
With outsourcing kitting services, you’re in control of customer satisfaction. A 3PL provider can flexibly keep up with changes to demand and supply so that your customers get the products they need right on time – which could translate into bigger sales for you!

Cost Savings
Unlock the potential for cost savings by outsourcing your kitting services! Allowing a trusted 3PL provider to handle these duties allows you to benefit from their economies of scale, which can lead to lower material and labor costs, not to avoid set-up and maintenance expenses associated with an in-house operation.

Global Logistics Solutions, Inc. in Hayward, CA is the go-to partner for all your kitting needs – you’re practically guaranteed to see successful results! Reap the rewards of improved accuracy and flexibility, plus cost savings when taking advantage of our reliable 3PL provider’s thorough expertise and resources. Let us help bring seamless ease into streamlining your entire kitting process – whatever goals are important to achieve business success will be at hand with GLSI by your s

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