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ECommerce fulfillment requires companies to keep developing and improving their products. Every day, Global Logistic Solutions sends thousands of packages to customers. Most of our customers have often asked for their orders to be shipped on pallets. It is thus essential to know everything about palletized shipping.

What is Palletized Shipping?

Palletized shipping involves stacking and securing many items, usually in the form of cases of merchandise, onto wooden pallets. Plastic film is commonly used to secure the contents on pallets.

Sending packages on pallets can be done via trucking companies or services like FedEx Freight. They cannot be transported using standard shipping methods because of their excessive size.

Is LTL the Same as Palletized Shipping?

LTL refers to less-than-truckload freight. LTL offers a cost-effective alternative when a company has to move freight but doesn’t have enough for a full truckload (FTL) shipment. Cargo companies combine the LTL shipments of numerous shippers into a single truck.

As the trucking business locates available space on other modes of transportation for specific legs of the journey, LTL loads may be transferred between vehicles.

Pallets are commonly used to transport LTL shipments safely. Since palletized items are typically transported via LTL freight, this mode of transport is considered a subset of LTL shipping.

What Situations Call for Palletized Shipping?

There are two situations where palletized shipping can be appropriate for different clients. This includes B2B or bulk shipments and oversized products.

B2B or bulk shipments

B2B shipping means sending many goods from one business to another or from one warehouse to another. Frequently, less-than-truckload (LTL) freight is the most efficient and affordable shipping method. In this, goods are shipped from wholesalers to retailers so they can be sold again.

Oversized products

Nowadays, people can buy pretty much everything online. Bicycles, couches, and even automobiles may all be shipped to your doorstep once you make an online purchase.

The standard shipping options that companies like FedEx, UPS, and USPS may not be suitable for shipping more oversized items. These items are ideal for delivery through LTL freight right to the doorways of the end users.

 Three Ways in Which Global Logistic Solutions Facilitates LTL Freight Shipping for Online Retailers

We at Global Logistic Solutions can be trusted for your LTL freight shipping. We are committed to solving issues that can arise with the freight carrier. Here are some of the ways we undertake to ensure palletized shipping for our customers.

It helps you to avoid reweighing charges

Reweighing can be seen when a freight company mistakes the weight of the pallet leading to high reweighing fees. Global Logistic Solutions ensures a photo is taken showing every pallet on the scale, identifying the exact weight. With this, our clients are protected from reweighing fees.

Contest misclassification charges

We understand misclassification can be expensive, and we are here to solve your problems. We specialize in correctly categorizing your LTL freight when arranging to ship. We coordinate with the broker or carrier for misclassification concerns to find a solution that keeps costs down.

Manage the palletized shipping process

We at Global Logistic Solutions ensure that an order is delivered appropriately in the right way. Each shipment is analyzed to determine the most affordable LTL freight option. And we take extra care to ensure that each pallet makes it to its final destination unscathed.


Looking for a reliable and transparent palletized shipping partner? Contact Global Logistic Solutions. We can assist you in meeting your shipping requirements and help you with effective and efficient services.

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