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Looking for a reliable 3PL technology-based company? Look no further than Global Logistic Solutions, Inc. Our commitment is to provide streamlined fulfillment, warehousing, kitting and shipping solutions to help scale your business. We take great pride in what we do is what sets us apart from regular 3PL providers.

Interested in learning more about what Global Logistic Solutions, Inc. can do for you and your business? We’re here to chat. Contact us for an easy and free, no-obligation quote.

Fulfillment Services


Our picker service providers take your stock or item from the warehouse shelf and ensure its correct placement, helping other staff to pack and deliver efficiently.


Once gathering your products to the packing station, the packagers ensure the safe packing of your products and make them ready for delivery.


We ensure the fast delivery of your goods at your doorsteps within the set shipping time, ensuring your needs are accomplished timely.

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We receive your products and send them to the warehouse for further processes, including picking, packing, and shipping. Quality work is our core service.


We store all the goods in a way to make the best and easy inventory of your goods and proceed with the next procedure under serious consideration.

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The distribution process is fast and authenticated. As a result, we provide our customers with fast and safe delivery services for all of their goods.

We provide a reliable order fulfillment service that is crucial and a catalyst to the success of your business.

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3PL Technology

(Third-party Logistics)

We are 3PL based technology company that has developed streamlined shipping and fulfillment solutions for your e-commerce store or services. It is nothing worse than getting your orders late or with incorrect packages. These mistakes will surely cost your eCommerce services. We are highly motivated and based on advanced technology, ensuring better shipping and fulfillment services.

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