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Modernize your logistics with 3PL services: pickup, storage, distribution, and more.

Fast Shipping

We provide our customers with fast shipping services for their goods, ensuring all of your goods arrive faster than regular transit time.

Fast Receiving

The first step of our fulfillment process is to receive your goods at the warehouse. Then after packaging, we ensure a fast shipment.

Inventory & order management

Our order management system helps ensure more accurate inventory management, ensuring your goods’ safe and easy distribution.

Fulfillment Services



Our picking service provider staff take the products and goods from the warehouse shelves accurately, ensuring the placement of all the goods accordingly.



Accurate packing of your goods is the core value of our services. This is the packaging service that will keep your goods safe and also help the delivery staff to deliver them accordingly.



Everyone wants to have an easy or fast delivery service to enhance the value of their e-Commerce services. Our shipping team ensures a safe and fast delivery service.

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Safely receiving the products or goods and accurately putting them into the warehouse are some basic concerns of a logistics company. The services from receiving to packing and shipping, all our basic concerns.



Once your products are received and packed, they are stored in our warehouse. The process of storing ensures an easy inventory to make shipping quite possible.

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Fast and accurate delivery of products always makes a customer satisfied. Our customers’ satisfaction is our basic concern. As well as this, we please our consumers with a safe and fast delivery service.

The success and growth of a business or eCommerce service provider depend upon reliable fulfillment services, which is our core value.

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3PL Technology


We are a logistic company based on 3PL technology, developing streamlined shipping and fulfillment solutions for your e-commerce store or online logistic services. Late orders or orders with incorrect packages indeed leave a terrible impact. However, these types of mistakes certainly cost your eCommerce services. We are a highly motivated team perusing advanced technology to provide our consumers with better fulfillment and shipping services.

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