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The Port of Oakland is a great container ship facility located in Oakland, California, in the San Francisco Bay. The first container ship terminal to be constructed on the Pacific Coast of the United States happened in the Port of Oakland. In 2011, it was the fifth busiest container port in the United States after Newark, Angeles, Long Beach, and Savannah.

The development of the Port of Oakland in 2002, involving creating an integrated container handling system, helped place the port in an extension of the freight market share on the West Coast. The expansion of the market share resulted from the large volume of cargo that came up after the development that had consumed a decade of planning and construction. According to 2019 statistics, the Port of Oakland is ranked 8th in the category of containers in the United States.

What Are Our Services?

Our well-positioned facilities are set out to ensure our Port of Oakland services are delivered with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. These services include;


Our timely deliveries make the Port of Oakland among the best ports in the United States and globally. Our modern fleet, including all of our drivers and administrative personnel, are both TSA and Haz-Mat Certified and Customs Bonded and Insured. Our administrative team operates with the efficiency of an army. The speed with which our vehicles go from one point to another is comparable to an armada.

We are a third-party logistic company in the Port of Oakland, providing all the necessary facilities promoting distribution, deconsolidation, trans-loading, transportation, and warehousing.

What is Involved in Our Third-Party Logistics Services

We provide essential 3PL fulfillment services that involve the following;

Refrigerated storage
Well heated space
Dock space
Liftgate Services
Spotting trailers
25-foot ceiling
17 Doors
48′ and 53′ trailers
24′ and 26′ box trucks
TSA Certified
Customs bonded
Export and import freight handlers
Two day services (same and next day)

Our specialists can extend their services into;

Deconsolidation and consolidation of exports or import freight
Full container loads
Less than container loads
Block and brace services
Product segregation
Loading and offloading heavy and oversized loads
Stack and wrap services

Our third-party logistics company will ensure that your items are delivered on time despite the global timelines and various time zones.

Why Should You Consider Us?


We guarantee that your goods will be supplied on schedule and within your budget. Regardless of where you are, your pleasure is a top priority. We will provide services that have international standards irrespective of your location.

Experts in logistics

Over the period that we have been in the logistics industry, we have gained a lot of experience and expertise. Hence we have the equipment and capacity to handle every logistics issue.


Our knowledgeable workforce views the ties we’ve cultivated through time as alliances that keep the globe running. Whether traveling by road, rail, boat, or air, we have strong connections.

Suppose you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to find a new partner for storage, distributing, transloading, deconsolidation, and transport services at the Port of Oakland. In that case, our fleet is standing by and preparing to assist you.

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