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Have you ever thought of working with a 3PL outsourced fulfillment company? There are so many benefits you will draw if you delegate your fulfillment responsibilities to an outsourced fulfillment company. Some of these benefits include; saving money, time, access to experienced staff, etc.

This article will take you through 7 benefits you get when working with an outsourced fulfillment company.

What Are 7 Benefits of 3PL Outsourced Fulfillment?

Minimizes business expenses

When your business expands, demands for an increased warehouse for storage, advanced technology, and equipment to handle the commodities rises. Acquiring a warehouse and logistics technology for a company will be very costly.

Therefore, the better option will be outsourcing 3PL fulfillment services that will cater all the storage and technology for handling your items. This procedure saves you a lot in terms of the cost of managing your business.

Allows management to focus on core functions of the business

Order fulfillment places a lot of demand on time hence ends wasting time that could have been spent working on the main functions of the business. Outsourcing your order fulfillment services gives the management enough time to focus on business aspects that promote growth and business expansion. Some key business areas include marketing, customer care services, etc.

Get affordable shipping rates

3PL fulfillment companies enjoys economies of scale because they tend to ship a lot of commodities at once in a specific geographical area. This helps businesses negotiate with 3PL fulfillment companies for competitive rates, reducing the cost of shipping goods to your customers.

Access to experienced specialists

3PL fulfillment services have operations run by staff who are highly experienced and trained in handling storage, transportation, packaging, etc. Hiring a 3PL fulfillment service helps you access all of these benefits, which will help improve your business efficiency, production, and delivery.

Access to advanced fulfillment technology

Technology is very important in facilitating stock management, accuracy, supply efficiency, and order delivery. 3PL fulfillment companies have access to advanced logistics technology and inventory management software that ensures that fulfillment processes are easy and efficient.

Therefore, outsourcing fulfillment services is a better option than using in-house fulfillment, which may be expensive to acquire advanced technology. Companies using outsourced fulfillment services are enjoying better services than small businesses operating on in-house fulfillment.

Scalability and flexibility

Flexibility and scalability are among the key benefits you get while contracting a 3PL fulfillment company. It saves you costs when your sales start fluctuating. Your business will not be under pressure to cover any overhead during off-peaks.

Depending on the sales volume, the distributions can be scaled upwards or downwards. This helps you to meet distribution demand to ensure you remain efficient.

Helps you expand the business

Many 3PL fulfillment companies have their distribution centers in many geographical areas. These distribution centers are very useful for any business looking to expand its operations by reaching many areas. Businesses can use this advantage to access so many new markets.


Outsourcing fulfillment services can be very useful for any business looking to expand and benefit from advanced technology, flexibility, and experienced staff. If you are looking to outsource fulfillment service contact Global Logistic Solutions, Inc.

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