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Do you spend much time each day processing orders from your clientele? We can assume that your method is tedious and time-consuming. A pick-and-pack fulfillment service is just what you’re looking for.

Choosing to use a fulfillment service is simple. The challenge is finding the correct pick-and-pack fulfillment provider for your company’s needs.

This article highlights six factors to consider when choosing the perfect pick-and-pack fulfillment service for your business.

6 Factors to Consider when Choosing Pick and Pack Fulfillment Service for your Business

Type of services

Checking out the breadth and depth of pick and pack fulfillment service offerings should be your first step. They should be able to do the bare minimum in picking, packing, and shipping.

Do you have special requirements for shipping multiple goods together? Is there a required minimum temperature for warehousing perishable food products? Is this a service that yields results for you as well?

You should verify that the service provider accepts international orders if you plan to ship internationally. Get quotes from various fulfillment companies and compare their services to your defined demands.


Terms of purchase are crucial. It’s possible that providers could use different price structures.

Pricing for pick-and-pack services is typically based on factors such as warehouse space, package weight, order complexity, and shipping zone.

Consider the goods you provide for sale. Do you have any little products available for purchase, such as books or music CDs? Or do you deal in furniture or food that quickly spoils?

Shipping and handling fees for bulky items like furniture will vary depending on their dimensions and weight. Learn how different product lines affect your bottom line.

Costs associated with warehouse storage should be researched before contracting a 3PL business. Storage costs can add up, especially for long-lasting products or over the holiday season.


Think about the many avenues via which you might receive orders. Do you merely have inbound orders from your site to fill? Do you also need to handle orders from other places, like your physical store, Amazon, eBay, or website?

Find out how the pick-and-pack service deals with orders of varying complexity. The pick-and-pack service must support the order structure of your various channels.

Client feedbacks

Check out what previous clients had to say about the fulfillment service. Customers, both current and former, can provide invaluable feedback on the efficacy of a service.

When researching potential vendors, testimonials can help you make the best choice. In addition, they can highlight issues that aren’t immediately obvious. Read up on the experiences of other sellers to avoid a terrible fulfillment supplier.


Your fulfillment service may be one facet of your enterprise if you operate on multiple channels simultaneously. You might also have an accounting program, many markets, and an online storefront.

Integrating your fulfillment data with the rest of your sales data can help you streamline your business procedures overall. This guarantees that your business’s inventory and shipment data are in sync and accurate.

After service support

The last step is to inquire with each service about the help they provide. However, outsourcing fulfillment means giving up direct control over the orders.

Who do you contact if something goes wrong with an order? For the sake of keeping the consumer happy, you need to be able to rapidly resolve any issues that may arise. Be wary of any pick-up and delivery business that treats customer service like an afterthought.


Refer to these standards as you assess potential fulfillment partners. You may count on the above tips assistance in selecting an efficient pick-and-pack system for your company.

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