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Freight brokers are continuously searching for national shipper lists to link them with their carriers for items transportation. The criteria which freight brokers use to find freight shippers list is the question still not fully dealt with. This article highlights five ways you can use when finding the shipper list for brokers.

5 Ways to Find Shippers List for Freight Brokers

Closely check your surroundings

As a freight broker, you come across so many items on a daily basis that must have been hauled and carried by trucks. Some of the common items within your area include furniture, electronics, office equipment, and clothes. All these items must have required a carrier’s service to move them from one location to the other. You can identify shippers as freight brokers by researching the things you see every day to learn where they are created and how they are carried.

Look for referrals

Your greatest clients, customers, suppliers, or other contacts can easily link you to the freight shippers list they work with. When it comes to finding carriers swiftly, competent freight brokers depend on a list of connections.

A simple phone call or email inquiring for referrals is the quickest and most efficient approach to identify shippers who are competent in your business. Although online research can provide a wealth of information about a company, speaking with people you trust is always a smart place to start.

Use of internet

The internet is a fantastic resource for acquiring information and connecting with other industry experts via social media websites and apps.

Determine your area of expertise and look for a shippers list that specializes in your field. The national shipper list that appears on your search engine might be what you have been looking for. You will have to contact them via email, call, or in-person visit to connect with them.

You might be saying, “There’s no way that’s going to be that simple.” You’d be correct in certain situations. Prospecting is a simple but difficult task. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to reach someone who will agree to work with you.

Use customer credit reference sheet

When signing a deal with a customer, they mostly provide a freight broker with the credit reference sheet as proof that they usually adhere to payment procedures. The credit reference sheet contains the freight shippers list working with the potential customer.

Once you have received the contacts in the right manner, you can contact the national shipper list in the document. Tell them that the company has recommended you to them following their good reputation with the customer. You can explain your services well and convince them why they should start working with you.


Finding shippers is just one part of being an effective freight broker. When it comes to serving your shipping customers, you’ll have to create relationships and earn a name for being reliable. You’ll need to count on load boards to link you with certified carriers who can transport freight for the shipper. Following the above tips, you can find the best shipper list for brokers.

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