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Kitting service is a process of combining various items into one unit for selling purposes. The service is most common in the e-commerce fulfillment operations that help businesses do more with their goods in the stock. The business enjoys the advantage of shipping the items as a unit quickly rather than picking and packing each item separately.

This article will guide you through different aspects of kitting services and their advantages to e-commerce businesses.

What Are the Benefits of Kitting Services to Your Business?

Kitting services are very important for your e-commerce business. The services provide varied benefits, including;

  • Improved packaging
  • Minimizing shipping errors
  • Fastens the assembling services
  • Reduction of the administration cost
  • Improving the space utilization
  • Increases the responsiveness to customer orders
  • Reduces the quantity of the purchase order
  • Speeding the production cycles

Kitting services will only benefit your business if you offer combined packs, sell ready for assembling products, look for high business standards, or seek quality control procedures to have all the aspects of the kit appearing in every order.

What Are Different Types of e-commerce Product Kitting?

Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are the most prevalent types of kitted products for e-commerce fulfillment. Subscription offers rely significantly on efficient kitting techniques that combine numerous products with improving simplicity and brand discovery chances.

Third-party systems can assist you in operating your subscription box service more effectively and converting one-time clients into monthly revenue-generating members.

Assembled kits

Some items require assembling after the consumer has made the purchase. Care is necessary either by the 3PL fulfillment or manufacturer to ensure every item is packed correctly. To provide the client with more options, the components of any built-to-order merchandise kits may be held in stock and assembled in several combinations.

Packed to order sets

With packed-to-order sets, online retailers can offer consumers a selection of set numbers, colors, and product combinations. When purchasing from online retailers that offer kits and bundling items, customers have more options to choose from.

How Can you Manage Kitting Services?

Proper inventory management is essential to ensuring a successful fulfillment process. An online retailer can’t sell an entire kit if even a single component of that kit is out of stock. An e-commerce company can keep track of things with the help of inventory management systems. Still, only a small percentage of online retailers acquire such pricey software or have the resources to handle fulfillment in-house.

As a result, most online shops that sell things in kits do their kitting fulfillment through a third-party logistics company (3PL). Third-party logistics (3PL) fulfillment services offer customizable warehousing solutions, fulfillment procedures, inventory control, and other functions.


Kitting is a simple and effective approach for order fulfillment that can save your organization time and money while streamlining your fulfillment processes. If you are looking for kitting services get in touch with Global Logistic Solutions, Inc to help you reap all the prospective benefits of kitting.

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